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HoviCare Nursing Homes

Samuel Kivikari

The challenge

HoviCare’s goal is to offer both high and uniform customer service regardless of the unit. With multiple homes, tracking can become challenging. At HoviCare, we are in close contact with customers on a daily basis, and the skilled personnel are very good at catching short-term changes in the customer’s health and well-being, but detecting long-term changes requires more time and attention.

The solution

Artificial intelligence recognizes changes in the customer’s health status in the short and long term. With the help of artificial intelligence, it has been possible to find trend changes in the client’s well-being¬† and vitals, which has made it possible to re-evaluate medications and drill down deeper into the root causes of the change. The solution also includes statistical functionality, which enables comparison of differences between units. In addition to health, artificial intelligence also monitors the quality of life experienced by customers using several different metrics and thus also provides statistics on how customers experience the quality of their own life.¬†

About the customer

HoviCare is a progressive and agile developer of care services. Its service units produce a wide variety of care and well-being services, such as enhanced assisted living, assisted living with night patrol, home services, supported and assisted living, and interval care. We serve e.g. elderly people, people with intellectual disabilities and people undergoing mental health rehabilitation