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Gillie IoT

Enables 24/7 care at home

Gillie IoT integrates safety and measuring devices used by customers at home in the information systems of the service provider.

With the help of the service, some of the 24-hour services provided by hospitals and assisted living facilities can be provided at home. The customer’s ability to cope at home can be monitored remotely regardless of the time of day or place of residence.


24/7 care at home
Regardless of time or place, patients and their ability to cope in a home environment can be monitored with the utmost precision available.
Fast hospital discharge
Remote monitoring makes quick discharge from hospital possible. Any changes in the patient’s condition are displayed in real-time and alerts are given of any deviations.
Real-time health measurements
Measurements taken by patients at home are transferred in real-time to systems used by professionals.
Compatible with patients’ own devices
Many patients have own wellness and measuring devices. With Gillie IoT they can be connected to the information systems of hospitals and home care organisations.
Easy device and information system integration
Let patient data flow from at-home measuring devices into our top-of- the-line information systems, all in just a few short seconds.
Crisp, clear data visualisation
A single view data visualization hub provides healthcare professional with up-to-date information, so they can make all the right calls at precisely the right time.
Alert acknowledgement and referral
Alerts from AI and a wide array of devices are displayed in one centralised view, so that notifications can be acknowledged exactly as they are received. Our rules system can also refer alerts to 3rd party systems.
Message wall
Message wall provides an encrypted communication link between patients, professionals and, if necessary, family members.
Artificial intelligence
AI seeks deviations in the patient’s measuring results. AI is able to find measurements even among text.
Data lake
Collecting data from a wide array of measuring systems, Gillie IoT acts as a date lake of collected data.