Benefits // Edut

Pretrained and validated knowledge structures, you don’t need to be an AI expert // ennakkoon valmistellut ja validoidut tietorakenteet, sinun ei tarvitse olla tekoälyasiantuntija

No investment costs, pay per outcome // ei investointikustannuksia, maksat tulosten mukaan

More benefits and value to your existing data // saat enemmän hyötyä olemassa olevasta datastasi ja lisäarvoa sille

You can rely on getting your data analysed on realtime 24/7 without downtimes // voit luottaa siihen, että datasi analysoidaan reaaliaikaisesti, vuorokauden ympäri, ilman seisonta-aikoja

You can perform one analysis per month or millions per day, there are no minimum requirements for usage // voit suorittaa yhden analyysin kuukaudessa tai miljoonia päivässä, minimivaatimuksia ei ole.

Benefits // Hyödyt

About 64% of all on-line teens say that do things online that they wouldn’t want their parents to know about. 11% of all adult internet users visit dating websites and spend their time in chatrooms. Some of the classify their behavior as “cyber affair” More then 60% of employees use company PC for the personal needs during their work hours as long as 80 minutes per day. Do the math. It’s an essential time and money waste That’s why today the question of controlling the internet usage is on the rise. The best way to verify the proper usage of your PC is to use the software known as monitoring, spy or surveillance software, developed to record user’s activities on a computer. Such software can be easily purchased and downloaded from vendor’s websites. But sometimes the word “spy” appeals to our ethical issues. Can such software be classified as spyware?

As soon as we ask this question we might have the reason to use spy software. And, first of all we should ask ourselves what do we need it for: to protect or to attack. If we have good intentions, all means are good. The thing is that any tool can be used for very different purposes. Imagine what can be done with bread knife other then slicing bread for family dinner. We shouldn’t be afraid of a weapon we should be afraid of a man carrying it. MG WAY CORP launched its pilot version of computer monitoring software MG-Shadow last year. Though there is a big number of monitoring programs on the market, MG-Shadow can be easily classified as one of the fastest, stable and very easy to use programs. And coming on the market recently it has already gained its popularity. MG-Shadow’s features that highlight it from the crowd of competitors are:

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Number of deviations found by AI

73 488 800

Number of deviations gathered


Number of active integrations

Gillie artificial intelligence platform // Gillie tekoälyalusta

Api as Platform

How does it work? // Kuinka se toimii?

You can easily integrate the AI service to your existing processes and IT systems.  // Voit helposti integroida tekoälypalvelun käytössä oleviin prosesseihin ja IT-järjestelmiin. 

Specify what type of analysis you want to perform to your data (for example, search for rare diseases, analyse home care customer’s wellbeing, etc.) // Määrittele, millaisen analyysin haluat suorittaa datallesi (esim. haluatko hakea harvinaisia sairauksia, analysoida kotihoidon asiakkaiden hyvinvointia jne.).

Send an anonymous patient data with the selected analysis type to gillie’s server as a REST API call // Lähetä anonyymit potilastiedot valitun analyysityypin kanssa Gillien palvelimelle REST API -rajapinnan kautta.

You will get result of data analysis as a response // Saat vastauksena data-analyysin tulokset.